Pilgrimage to Haigler Creek

Tomorrow I am flying to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport as the first leg of my pilgrimage to Haigler Creek. What/where is Haigler Creek you ask? It is an area in the Tonto National Forest of Arizona located east/southeast of Payson  (if you know where that town is, and you may not, it is northeast of Phoenix if that helps.)

Haigler Creek c. 1989, Photo by Cat Cook

Haigler Creek is  named after my great,  great,  great uncle* once removed, Jake Haigler (*the actual number of greats and level of uncle-ness need looking into.) This area was the site of the Pleasant Valley War, Feud, what-have-you, generally known as one of the bloodiest feuds in American history.

Remains of the Sixby Ranch(?) c. 1990, Photo by Cat Cook

I’ve been there a couple of times when I was younger, but tomorrow I’ll be on my way there at age 41, meeting up with my parents so we can experience this pilgrimage together.

My Dad and I lamenting the passing of 'Uncle' Jake at his grave c. 1990, Photo to be credited later

This blog will be a nice space for me (and my folks if I can convince them that they can blog) to document our trip and share pertinent history, pictures, family tidbits and whatnot.  Sounds fun, no? Yes, yes it does…


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